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Trick or treat

Halloween… we do not really celebrate this event here in the Philippines until recently. Unlike in the States where kids really look forward to it, planning what they want to be when they go trick or treating weeks in advance. My friend said costume shops make very good business during this time.

I had the chance to celebrate this holiday in Guam a few years back. Although majority of people there are Chamorros (what native Guamanians are calles) and Asians mostly Pinoys, they are very much Americanized. I didn’t see many kids in costume but they do have parties. They bring food pot-luck and loads of candies for the kids. Being mostly Catholics, people there also celebrate All Saint’s Day. Unlike here, they mostly bring artificial flowers, light candles, say a few prayers and leave.

I really did miss my family’s own All Saint’s Day celebration that year. Every year, it is an excuse for us to pack our bags and leave our busy lives behind here in Manila to go on a 6 hour car ride to the province. My cousins and I would go clean and paint the tombs in the family mausoleum a day before. You can just imagine how much fun we have. Of course being the ate, I get to sit down and just tell them what to do. So you could say we do spend Halloween where it should be spent. On the day itself, we all try to go to the cementery together. It is a time to catch up with each other’s lives, reminisce and simply be together. We stay there until 6 pm then off to my Lola’s house for a family dinner.

This year however, we will not be going home for All Saint’s day. Instead, we will go a few days after because it’s my Lola’s 80th birthday! We’re having a surprise birthday party for her and we’re all pretty excited about it.

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you have a great celebration but let us not forget to pray for our dead too.


We will be late visiting you this year Lolo but we will be there. I miss you so much!

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I Spoke Too Soon

Yes my dear friends, I did, yesterday.

Not only didn’t I need a plastic bag, there was not a single Coke (in can) in sight. And I won second prize!!! I must have done something good!



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Here temporarily?

The past few weeks, haven’t been very reliable. There have been lots of down times and even if there weren’t any, I have been having a hard time uploading posts/pictures. For a couple of weeks, I have been seriously considering my transfer to another blogging platform but I was busy. Blogger is again down at the moment and my blog looks weird (recent posts are in bold, older posts are not) so I got fed up.

Although I can’t tweek my template to the way I want it to be, this is okay for now. I don’t know if this will be permanent. For the meantime, this will be my home.

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