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Thanks to my blogger friend Patrice who was thoughtful and kind enough to volunteer to look for the book and send it to me (arriving only the other day after more than a month in the mail), I am now the proud owner of Nicholas Sparks’ …

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I have finished reading the book already. Nicholas Sparks once again squeezed my lacrimal ducts. It is a “relationship book”, the plot is happenning everyday to ordinary people’s lives. There were a couple of times when I thought I have reached to book’s climax, only to be suprised by another twist in the next chapter. Although I was a bit bored by the book in the beginning, the ending more than made up for it.

This book is worth a read. Another best seller from Nicholas Sparks! I can’t wait for his next book.


Thanks Patrice! I hope I can repay the favor one of these days.

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  1. 1

    Karen said,

    i love nicholas sparks! yung mga books lang niya ang mga binabasa ko when it comes to a love story-plot coz i’m not really into love stories 🙂 .

  2. 2

    ann said,

    Sweet naman ni Patrice.

  3. 3

    nikki said,

    pareho pala tayo karen. i have all his books. i especially like his the notebook. i love reading romantic novels pero i read other genres din.

  4. 4

    nikki said,

    yes ate ann, sweet nga ni patrice. :-)) worried nga ako for a time kasi ang tagal bago dumating nung book, kala namin ni patrice nawala na. pero what would you expect sa postal service ng pilipinas?

  5. 5

    Karen said,

    kakanuod ko lang ng the notebook, nasa tv kagabi, naiyak na naman ako hehehe. re: postal service, nagpadala ako dati ng book, 3 months bago nakarating. manipis an children’s book lang naman un. argh.

    congtras pala sa piece mo sa blgkadahan doc nikki :).

  6. 6

    nikki said,

    napanood ko din ulit (for the umpteenth time) sa tv yung the notebook a few weeks ago and gaya mo, hindi ko pa din mapigilang umiyak. ang sweet kasi talaga ng story.

    talaga, 3 month??? grabe naman yon! buti na lang pala 1 month lang yung inabot ng book ko.

    thanks karen! mwah!

  7. 7

    lechef said,

    that’s a good book!

  8. 8

    nikki said,

    welcome to my blog lechef! thanks for passing by.

    nicholas sparks is really a very good writer. i love his books & i can’t wait to read his next work.

  9. 9

    Patrice said,

    Uy, friend! No problemo! Anything for a friend! 😉

  10. 10

    nikki said,

    mwah! mwah! mwah! 😀

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