Text voting – not fair

I am not really fond of watching reality shows. To me, the things we see on TV are just part of a script. Maybe not everything, at least most of it. Let’s face it, this is a business. The law of suppy and demand. What the viewers want, the viewers get. I think text voting is also biased. Biased to those who have the money and the pretty face.

I have been watching Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) for several weeks now, not because I wanted to but because I had to. Being the good ate, I started watching PDA for my favorite cousin who is so hooked to the show and who is now in Malaysia for a month. She begged me to update her on the happenings in the show so I had to watch it to be able to text her updates and I did, almost everyday. It is so heartbreaking to watch scholars (what the contestants are called) who are so desrving get expelled from the academy because they did not get enough text votes from viewers. Viewers of course vote for the pretty and handsome contestants. Rich scholars also have the advantage over the poorer deserving ones. What the network is saying is that the viewers are the ones who will support the scholars when they get out of the academy so the viewers should choose who should win. In a way, they have a valid point. But to vote for a scholar who sings with a lot of flats or someone who doesn’t seem to “connect” with her audience? This has been a problem in other reality singing contests too. In Philippine Idol (Pinoy version of the American Idol), critics were also outraged with how the public voted for some contestants calling the show a “popularity contest rather than a singing contest”. I think the fairer way to do it is to get 50% of the text votes, 25% of the judges’ votes and 25% of the teachers’ vote (in the case of PDA). However, I still think that to come up with a deserving winner, people should vote intelligently.

I would prefer listening to a plain looking but versatile performer rather than listen to a looker who is noise pollution masquerading as a singer. But then, that is just me.

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