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For A Beloved Shih Tzu



I fought for you even before I saw you.

When I caught a glimpse of you for the

first time, I was hooked!

You were so cute and well-behaved sitting amidst

the chaos of your litter.


For four years you were an important part of our lives.

Elegant, queenly, intelligent!

But you have decided to leave us suddenly,

and left our hearts broken.

Even in death, you were so prim and proper.


We know you are in doggie heaven now.

We just wish we could’ve said goodbye to you.

I wish we loved you more than we do.


We’re going to miss you Toni!

You will forever be in our hearts.



In Memoriam:

Empire X Nissa of Subzero (Toni)

May 21, 2002 – January 1, 2007


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