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A belated Father’s day letter

Dear Papa,

Another Father’s Day has passed but I still wish I could do something really special for you. All my life, you have been giving us soooo much and sometimes I feel like we do not give you much in return. You have always been a very good provider, telling us not to worry and to leave it all up to you when things get tough. I couldn’t help but worry when I see you slaving on your computer all day like the whole world is on your shoulders. Although essentially, it is true, OUR world is practically on your shoulders! Sometimes I wish I can lift up the weight even for just a little while but I am just not as equipped as you are to do that. I am trying hard to help you in my own way I can but I know it isn’t enough.

I can’t even thank you enough for allowing yourself to think of letting me spread my wings out of your watchful eyes. I know how hard it is for you to do so. I know I am hurting you by contemplating to take another path, but you still support me. I know that in your heart, you’re only doing this because you know this is what I want and that this will make me happy. You may not say it but I know you can see the turmoil in my eyes. You may not say it in so many words but I know you understand. Yet you still tell me that I can come back to you if everything do not turn out as I want it to be. Such selfless love!
I want so much to tell you a lot of things. Many times I wish I was still your little girl who can tell you everything but I am not little anymore. There are just things that I couldn’t tell you and I hope you understand that. Many times I wish I can just run to you and cry myself out on your lap but I couldn’t because I don’t want you to worry about me.

I wish we can celebrate Father’s Day together forever. I am praying that God will continuously bless you and Mama with good health so that we all can be together as long as we can. I am so looking forward to the day when I can give you back everything you have given us. I know you’re not asking that from me but if I can give back even just half of what you have given us unconditionally, I will die happy.

I love you very much Papa. Here’s to more Father’s Day celebrations together!

Your original little girl,


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