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Tales of a crashing computer

I woke us this morning with my eyes swollen because I cried myself to sleep last night. No, this has nothing to do with my post below. My good old laptop crashed last night. I really do not know what went wrong, it just zonked out on me. I feel like I lost an arm. I know it sounds so childish to cry over a laptop but my laptop is really very important to me. It has been with me for almost 5 years and we have been through a lot. Maybe she was ready to retire because she has been put to really good use but I wasn’t ready to let her go yet. Its is not really the laptop “retiring” that is making me cry, its the fact that I may have lost 5 years worth of data. All my research work and even the paper I submitted is there. All my pictures are stored in my hard disk. My laptop was practically my diary, my confidante. She knows everything that makes me tick. Can you see now why I am in such a state at the moment? My very good friend M (in an attempt to cheer me up) assured me that technicians can still recover all the data in my hard drive but what if they can’t? I don’t want to bring the laptop to a repair shop yet. I just don’t think I can handle yet another heartache when they tell me that everything is unrecoverable. Maybe next week, I can already deal with it. For now, I will mourn the passing of a loyal “friend”…

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Today I learned that…

– its good to cry yourself to sleep sometimes

– things are not always what they seem

– I can be friends with someone who broke my heart years ago

The most important thing I learned today though is that – success doesn’t mean your waiting room is over flowing with patients or your name is on a lot of charts in the nurse’s station but that you are living with peace in your heart with the people that matter to you most.

Find a reason to smile everyday!

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