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Growing up too fast



Tricia is now 2 years old. This little girl never ceases to amaze us. The anticipation towards her birth is all but a blur now but never a day goes by that I don’t thank God for giving her to us. She has been a source of so much joy to our family especially to my father. She is such a happy, well adjusted, intelligent little girl who can laugh at herself. She is also very brave except when she has to lie down my examining table. Sometimes we deliberately put her in “situations” just to see what her reaction will be and what would she do about it. We are always surprised by how she could get out if it so easily. Her interests are vary varied. She loves to read books (she knows her alphabet and numbers now), doodle on by prescription pad and our bedsheets, dance and sing. She also loves computers so my dad gifted her with her very own “laptop” (for kids not the real one) on her birthday.

Most of her milestones are very advanced for her age. Her brain is like a sponge, absorbing everything she sees and hears. She’s learning lots of new things everyday. Sometimes it scares me. Can we keep her interested in learning? Can we answer all her questions when the time comes?

I hope we can. So far, it looks like we’re doing something right.


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A shot too late

I am recovering from flu…

I suddenly felt cold right after dinner a few nights ago then started to shake. I knew then that I had fever (I was fine until that moment) and that my temperature will still go up if I have to go by the chills I was having. I went to my room, donned my scrubs, jacket & socks then buried myself under my thick blanket. I fell asleep like that and woke up at 2am with a headache, my muscles and bones aching. I had high fever for 1 whole day and had another episode of chills. To make matters worse, I slipped in the bathroom yesterday. 😦

I still have febrile episodes once in a while (I am obviously afebrile now, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. hehe!) but not as high as the previous days. My appetite is also returning but I still feel thirsty most of the time. I can move in bed without grimacing every now and then because my muscles don’t ache as much except for a spot below my shoulder blades which hit the floor when I slipped yesterday. I also went down for lunch a while ago after days of eating here inside my room.

I have never felt this sick before and I hate getting sick. If only I had a flu shot, this would not have happened. I am not too fond of needles unless it was really necessary but next year, I promise, I will have that flu shot.

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