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It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

It really feels like Christmas now. Days are shorter now and it is getting colder. I already brought out my Paul Stuart blanket (you know the blankets they have for sale in Baguio?) the other day and I so love to snuggle under it that it has been getting harder and harder to get out of bed in the mornings. The whole Araneta Center in Cubao is decked with miles and miles of Christmas lights and butterfly lights, their huge Christmas tree is already up and lit. Tricia’s eyes are full of glee as she says “Ang dami lights!” every time she sees those lights. The malls are also getting crowded already with families doing their early Christmas shopping. There are Christmas Sales left and right. Roads leading to the shopping malls are bumper to bumper and finding a parking spot is so difficult.

We have already finished decorating the office and even put up a tree (which is actually an artificial ficus tree which we decorated with Christmas balls and lights). Our house though is still waiting for the Christmas elves to bring the Christmas spirit. Ever since we moved to the new office, we have been spending less time and less time at home so we haven’t found the time and energy yet to decorate. We should make time for it one of this days. I want Tricia to experience the Christmas traditions my brother and I grew up with and that includes decorating the house and putting up a tree.

I haven’t started my Christmas shopping too. I was trying to make a list last night but I have no idea what to get for anyone. I wish I can stick to a budget this year. I have been trying for several years now but I always end up way over budget. Do you have any ideas how I can do it this year?

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