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It has been a year since I had my worst possible day ever and although there are times when I still question God’s plans for me, I know HE loves me and He will make everything work out.

I just simply am too blessed to be stressed!

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What’s up?


I have been neglecting my blogging lately I know. I have been busy with a lot of things but honestly, the main reason is that I have yet to get back my enthusiasm. I hope soon I can get it back.

Anyway, a lot of things have been happening in my life lately both good and bad. I cannot complain though. God has really been sooooo good to me and my family.

The good news:

  • Tricia is growing up to be a really, really smart little girl and she will be starting school this June already. They had an interview with the school last February and my brother said the one who did the interview was so impressed with Tricia because she was able to answer all her questions without any prodding. When she saw a painting of several farmers planting rice which was displayed in the room, she excitedly said “Farmers!” 😀
  • I have re-connected with one of my really good friends from college who is a GP. We haven’t seen each other for ages and it was only recently that we started texting each other. Now we have a promising venture together and will be spending 2 days of the week next door to each other – we’re sharing the clinic. I’m so happy!
  • I had lots of walk-in patients this week! I opened a new clinic last December and its like starting all over again but things are getting better. The new location has a lot of promise and I hope this is the start of better days ahead not only for me but also for the 2 other doctors sharing the clinic with me. I also got accepted as a visiting consultant at a hospital near the new clinic. Yey! Now I can give patients a more affordable choice.
  • Things are slowly falling into place with my father’s business. Only 1 big obstacle left and we will be home free! Thank you Lord!
  • We recently got a new telephone system installed. Pretty “big time” for us. Hehehe! We still have to get used to it though.
  • Several family issues settled. I just wish though that we didn’t have to loose one family member to be able to let bygones be bygones. I hope you’re happy and peaceful up there Tita Dinday! I’m so glad we took the time to visit you.
  • REUNIONS scheduled for next year! It’s another task resting on my shoulder but I’m happy that I can help and I’m happy to see my Papa happy. Obvious na good news ano kasi I used the word HAPPY 3x!
  • Holy Week is just around the corner which means we will be going “home” next week. Yey! I’d love to see my Lola and I can’t wait to be with my cousins again. I’m excited to see Tricia in her bathing suit enjoying the sun and sand once again.

The bad news:

Besides us losing my Tita, ehhrmm… I really do not want to dwell on the other bad anymore. Besides, the good have eclipsed the bad already.
God bless us all!

**Thanks Pat for the cute and sweet picture.

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