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Look what I found!

I read somewhere once that if you want to make your LIFE clutter free, start with your closet. Remove clothes, bags, shoes, etc. that you do not want to use or haven’t used in months then organize what is left in that closet. New Year’s Day 2006, I woke up early, armed myself with several garbage bags and started organizing my closet in the hope that the “clutter” in my life will become organized too.

Was I successful? Closet wise, yes, sort of. At the moment, my closet is not as cluttered as it used to be but I have to try harder in keeping things organized. What I am finding especially hard is keeping all my pairs of shoes in order. Imagine my happiness when I saw this at the mall yesterday.

Isn’t it nice? It’s a plastic, transparent shoe box that I can easily stack and wipe clean. Now all my pairs of shoes are protected against dust and I won’t have a hard time looking for the shoes that I want to wear. It’s a plus too that you can place two slip ons/sandals in one box. I already bought ten of this but I still need a couple more. Did you notice the orange sticker? Yes, it is on sale (Php 50.00 each)!

Whoever thought of this, thank you!

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