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Midlife Crisis?



Last week, I had a date with my new younger friend. We met at the mall, just window shopped then had pizza. She’s a beautiful and smart girl but our other friends call her autistic because sometimes, she seems to go to her own world, oblivious of the people she’s with. Maybe because she’s an only child and lost her mom at 13. She is so interested in life and quite mature for her age. We talked about so many things and got to know each other quite well in just over 2 hours or so at Pizza Hut. Out of the blue, she asked me, “Are you going thru a midlife crisis?” For a minute there, I had to put my fork down and pause for a moment. I told her no, I am not. A week after, I am not so sure anymore.

Sometimes I envy my friends who can go gallivanting around the entire Philippines with all their friends while I just want to stay home with my family. Sometimes I get so upset when people only think of themselves and to hell with others. There are times when I get furious with the government for all the red tape we have to go through. I get nostalgic sometimes and wish that I be in another place, another time. There are times that I get depressed because something didn’t go the way I wanted it to be.

My little niece (who’s not so little anymore) then comes to me and says “Mama, puter!” (Translated as: I want to play on the internet) while my Papa asks me to text Tito Luis to confirm our lunch date. Opening my inbox, I get an email from my Lola saying she just sent me several Danielle Steele books and another message from someone in my distant past. Earlier, I had one of the greatest nights of my life with three good friends.

Am I in a midlife crisis? The answer is NO because I am just TOO BLESSED to be stressed!

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Time Machine

Kung may time machine ako, babalikan ko ang aking PAGKABATA kung kailan:

nasasaktan lamang ako kapag nadadapa tuwing nakikipaglaro

kumakain ako hangga’t gusto ko

masaya na ako sa isang plastik na luto-lutuan

namamasyal ako kasama ng buong pamilya ko

hindi ko kailangang intindihin ang pagbabayag ng credit card

hindi ako nag-aalala sa aking pasyente

hindi ko kailangang magdesisyon kung saan ba ako dapat

Babalalik ako sa aking pagkabata kung kailan hindi kailangang isipin kung ano ang tama at mali.

Babalik ako sa aking pagkabata kung kailan hindi kumplikado ang buhay.

Kung may time machine ako, lilipad ako dun sa panahong alam ko na ang lahat ng sagot sa aking mga katanungan.

Babalik ako dun sa panahong masasabi kong “Ah, a job well done, a life well lived!”

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