Really sad

I am not really a die-hard fan nor am I a relative but having been exposed countless of times to the frustration and heartbreak of seeing someone you love so dearly go through the pain of an illness, I can empathize with Lorna Tolentino, her kids and all their friends. I really salute the families who have survived such trial. Lorna is so courageous. I am not sure I can be as courageous as she is if I were in the same situation.

The passing away of one of the most loved stars in the Philippine movie industry just shows us that the stars that we idolize are humans too. They go through sickness and death like us ordinary people. The only thing different is that they appear infront of us like everything is peachy even if they feel like throwing up. That takes courage so we should pray more for them like we would for a friend who is going through the same thing.

He and his family are all in my prayers. He’s in a better place now, free from all his worldly pains.


Let us all give our love ones an extra hug everyday. God bless everyone!

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