Tricia loves school

Our little girl Tricia started school last Wednesday and she is sooo loving it! She is enrolled in Toddler Class. On her first day of class, her Mommy and Daddy accompanied her all the way to her class. They said that as soon as she entered their room, she was already jumping and went ahead to play in the play area unmindful of her classmates crying around her. After kissing her goodbye, they stayed for another 10 minutes just to see if she will look for them but she was busy playing and would not even look at them when they called her to say they were leaving. Two hours later, our little girl came to the gate wearing a different set of clothes and was playing with her teacher when Mommy and Daddy went to pick her up. Her teacher said she was very well behaved throughout the 2 hour class. She was so tired that she immediately fell asleep in the car on their way home.

What she learned in school: saying “Hello” and shaking hands while asking “What’s your name?”

On her second day in class, I went with her Mommy and Daddy. Just like the previous day, her Mommy and I accompanied her inside the classroom. As soon as she saw her room, she was screaming and jumping excitedly and after waving goodbye to us she went ahead to the play area. We also observed her for another 10 minutes and tried to take some pictures but she wouldn’t even look at us and kept on playing with her classmates. While waiting for her class to end, we had a chance to talk to two of her classmates’ moms who were very anxious because their kids were both crying (although parents are not allowed to stay inside the school premises, they found a way to remain inside without being caught); the moms told us that they envy us because little Tricia is so well behaved inside the classroom despite seeing most of her classmates crying. She didn’t fall asleep on the way home this time but she was so hungry that she asked Mommy for cookies and water. Mommy checked her bag and saw that her pack of cookies, another pack of Sumo biscuits and her chocolate drink were all gone. Did she it it all or perhaps gave some to her classmates?

What she learned in school: washing her hands with soap and water then drying her hands with a towel after using the bathroom

This morning, I again went with her Mommy to school. My sister-in-law didn’t accompany Tricia to their classroom anymore, instead, she waited just outside the school gate while I parked the car. The teachers were stricter today because unlike the previous 2 days, they did not allow anyone to stay with the kids anymore even if they cried out for them. The two moms from the previous days still found a way to sneak back in (via another gate) and looked in on their kids who were once again both crying. My SIL asked about Tricia and we were told that she was again very well behaved, just listening to their teacher or playing with the other kids. She descended from her classroom holding one of her teacher’s hand and smiled when she saw us. Her socks had blue paint spots while her black shoes had some red paint so we guessed they must have done some painting today. Inside the car, she was singing and chattering.

What she learned in school: the word “itchy” and scratching her forehead while saying it.

While we were getting ready to leave our office and go to the mall earlier, she put on her socks (although a little bit twisted) and shoes by her self. After eating dinner at the mall, she said “I love you” to Daddy, kissed him and told him she wants to go to school. We explained to her that school won’t be until Monday. šŸ˜€ I just hope she will have the same enthusiasm in going to school until it’s time for her to leave school as a college graduate.

We’re amazed at how much she has grown. She’s very independent, well adjusted and already has a mind of her own. I wanted her to try a black sleeveless blouse with some pink flowers printed on it but she vehemently shook her head and said “ayaw! pangit! pangit!”. Pretty soon, she will no longer need us as much as she does now. Before we know it, young boys will soon be knocking on their door (one the little boys in her class hugged and kissed her on the first day of school!!). Oh!!! I am so dreading that day!

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  1. 1

    ella said,

    hehe pabata nang pabata ang mga estudyante ngayon ah. Noong araw, we start pre-school at 5 or 6? Baka sa susunod, Nikki, may infant school na šŸ˜†

    But enweis, Tricia is quite independent at her age no? Advanced masyado. Nakakatuwa naman. Kaya lang baka magpa-emancipate na siya at age 10 hehe šŸ™‚

  2. 2

    nikki said,

    naku ella, meron akong kakilala, mag 2 yrs old pa lang yung anak, ipinasok na sa school. magulo daw kasi sa bahay kaya para matahimik naman sila kahit sandali, ipinasok na sa school yung bata. medyo worried lang kasi kami kay tricia dahil wala syang ka-interact na kids her own age kaya namin sya ipinasok sa toddler class. kasi naman friend, mas gustong mag-computer kesa maglaro ng toys! yun kasi siguro nakikita nya sa amin lalo na sa daddy nya. saka kapag nakakakita sya ng mga bata, parang sabik na sabik makipaglaro.

    wag naman sanang masagi sa isip nya ang magpa-emancipate at such a young age pero i doubt it. ang takot lang nya sa daddy nya. hehe!

  3. 3

    ann said,

    Iba nga si tricia kasi ako isa rin ako sa mga parents na nakabantay sa anak noon. Ayaw kasi magpa-iwan.

    Hindi yan mawawalan ng kwento everyday, ingat lang minsan kasi lahat ng nangyayari sa loob ng bahay kwneto nila sa titser nila..hehehe.

  4. 4

    Ben said,

    Kids will make you grow old and stay young. You will be saying wasn’t that yesterday or I remember when.. then it hits you that a decade has past…lol.

  5. 5

    nikki said,

    ate ann, mabuti nasabi mo yan. kelangan nga pala konting ingat kapag nandyan si Tricia. baka nga ikwento sa titser na sabi po ni Mommy… lagot na! šŸ˜€

  6. 6

    nikki said,

    you’re making me feel old ben! šŸ˜¦

  7. 7

    Ben said,

    anytime.jk. that’s why Tricia’s there to keep u young at heart. šŸ™‚

  8. 8

    nikki said,

    di bale, you’re still older than me so okay lang. šŸ˜€

    take care ben!

  9. 9

    JO said,

    kids just love new knowledge and making new friends.

  10. 10

    nikki said,

    hi jo! thanks for the visit. šŸ™‚

    yes, everyday tricia learns something new. barely a month in school & she has a bestfriend already.

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