A night of fairy tale

I watched Cinderella earlier at the CCP with three friends. The show was SUPERB! Lea Salonga is sooo magaling. Most of the cast are Caucasians and they are all terrific too. I especially loved the two stepsisters. They are so funny! If it was a movie, the genre would be romantic-comedy. The only thing I found odd was the singing voice of the Queen – throughout her whole song, her voice varied a lot. But that is only me and my friend. Overall though, they were all terrific (did I just say it again?).

The costumes where so nice. The stepsisters’ gowns were hilarious especially the younger one (forgot her name). I think though that Cinderella’s wedding gown would have been nicer if they removed the pleated inner layer. My favorite though was the King’s blue cape during the wedding scene, really majestic. Another one is the Fairy Godmother’s gown, it gives you the illusion that she was flying.

The play also had beautiful props, great lighting and amazing effects. I was so astonished at how they were able to transform the pumpkin into a beautiful carriage. Ang galing-galing, sobra! Ang galing din ng pag palit nila ng scenes, very subtle kaya hindi ka nadidistract from what’s going on sa stage. It’s also amazing how fast Lea was able to change her “maid” clothes into her ball gown. Bobby Garcia is a terrific director! Also noteworthy is the trick they did when the rats became the coachman and the footman.  Oh, there was also a part where Cinderella was singing  and  different moving shadows (of a mermaid, a lion, a man, etc.) were appearing one after another in time with the lines of the song. The music is also nice, the conductor even had a speaking part during the ball scene.

Everybody must’ve enjoyed themselves, I didn’t hear any ringing tone or message alert tones. I know we got reminded to turn off our cellphones  but not everybody does that especially in a roomful of doctors (the show we watched was sponsored by a hospital). I was really, really lucky to have been invited to watch it earlier. I wanted to watch the play so much that I was even willing to settle at seating way up from where I sat. Thank God for friends who have contacts everywhere! 😀

I know I ended up paying much more than I originally planned to but Cinderella is worth every peso. If you add to that the company of three good friends, it is definitely one perfect night!

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    mikaela said,

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  2. 2

    JO said,

    its always good to splurge on yourself once in awhile.

  3. 3

    nikki said,

    especially if it is for something like Lea’s play… 😀

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    Ecstatic said,

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