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A call for your prayers

The past two weeks have really been a difficult time for me. You see, my maternal grandmother has just been diagnosed with cervical cancer.

It all started about 3 months ago when she complained of a reddish-brown vaginal discharge. Both the OB-Gynecologist and urologist who saw Lola were thinking that she has a bladder abscess (because an abdominal ultrasound said so). She was first given a 2 week course of antibiotics. When I saw her briefly last  July (she lives in the province which is a 6 hour drive from Manila), she was on her last few days of antibiotics and was feeling good with no more discharge. A follow-up check-up showed a slightly smaller, almost insignificant decrease in the cervical mass. They were just told that the doctors would have to observe my Lola’s condition. I wasn’t comfortable with the situation because if indeed it was an abscess in the bladder, no amount of antibiotic alone can cure that. I consulted a surgeon friend who advised a CT scan be done. Before we had a chance to do the scan, Lola once again complained of a foul-smelling, yellowish (sorry, I hope you’re not eating) vaginal discharge. She was once again brought to the urologist and prescribed another 2 week course of a different antibiotic and was referred to a urologist here in Manila.

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We brought Lola to the said urologist 2 weeks ago. After looking at the ultrasound result and examining Lola, the doctor immediately referred us to an OB-Gyne because he stronglt felt that it is a cervical malignancy. Luckily, the brother of a good friend is a Gyne-Oncologist. He also believed it is cancer. We had a CT scan done, result was a large cervical tumor. We are still waiting for the official result of the biopsy but the Gyne-onco already told me that it was indeed cervical cancer probably in its advanced stage already.

My grandmother is already 82 years old. She is still clueless as to what is really the problem but I think she knows that something is terribly wrong. She keeps telling us and her doctors that she wants to be cured. We will know tomorrow when we go back to the doctor. Definitely, an operation is out of the question so we are only left with radiotherapy as an option. I just wish Lola will respond favorably to it. I am not ready yet to give up. I CANNOT give up!

I am a doctor but at the moment, I am just an ordinary grand daughter of a cancer patient. I know what can happen and I am dreading what is yet to come. We are just at the beginning of our journey, we still have a long way to go.

I am asking for your prayers for my entire family and most especially for Lola that we may all survive this together. Please say an extra prayer for me too so that I can be strong for everyone.

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