A different kind of Christmas

I was going to happily post my reading list for the 12 days of Christmas vacation but a phone call this morning changed all that. It will really be a different Christmas for me and my family this year. My Papa’s oldest brother died this morning. We don’t know the exact time or cause of death but when his children went to check on him, he was already long gone. We are not really close with my cousins but I can feel their pain right now. They are all grown-ups  (the youngest, a lawyer) but nobody would want to be an orphan at any age albeit inevitable in our lifetimes. I wish it happened another day, another week, another month, NOT 3 days before Christmas.

We will be having our big clan reunion in just a few months time and now, we again lost another member while the pain of losing my Tita Dinday so suddenly only last February is still fresh in our hearts.

I feel like my heart is being squeezed. I want to hold on and embrace my family so tight. Once again, I am being reminded that life is so fleeting and I cannot do anything about it.

Rest in peace Tito Dodong. I hope now you’re reunited with Tita Rosing.

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