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Deal talaga!

May ongoing seat sale ngayon sa Philippine Airlines dubbed The Real Deal. Totoo nga kaya?


Naka-schedule talaga akong mag-lakwatsa this coming May pero dahil sa nakita ko nga sa newspaper itong promo ng PAL, nag-decide ako na June (umpisa ng travel period ng promo is June 1) na lang umalis. Sayang naman kasi, ang laki ng mura ng pamasahe compared sa regular fare. Ang catch nitong promo, simula ngayon hanggang bukas lang ang selling period. Nag-tiyaga akong maghintay ng alas dose ng madaling araw para kako mauna ako at nang makapag-pa book na kaso alas tres na ng hapon, hindi pa din ako nakakapag-pa book! Ang galing noh? 15 hours na akong pabalik-balik sa website ng PAL pero hindi pa din ako pinalad. Hmm… madami sigurong naengganyo sa promo kaya overloaded ang system nila. Akala ko kanina, okay na ang online booking ko kaso wala naman akong natanggap na transaction receipt, nag-email na ako sa PAL pero hanggang ngayon, syempre, wala pa ding sagot. Nagtanong na lang tuloy ako sa aking credit card company, wala daw na-credit na transaction yung card ko sa PAL so ibig sabihin, talagang hindi pa din ako booked.

Isa pa, yung babayaran ko, may additional na taxes pa, pwera na doon yung Philippine travel tax so hindi talaga ito all-in. Pwede na din kasi mas mura pa din talaga kesa nga sa regular fare. Ang problema, ang hirap mag-book!!!!

Sana kung gagayahin ng PAL ang Cebu Pacific, siguraduhin naman nila na kaya ng system nila yung upsurge ng online traffic. Sabi ng credit card company ko, ang dami na daw nilang calls ngayong araw na ito tungkol sa mga transactions with PAL. Although lately laging late ang mga flights ng Cebu Pacific, hindi naman parusa ang online booking kahit pa ang dami ding nagpapa-book sa kanila. Ganun talaga, kagaya din lang yan ng mga mall sales, kelangan kong mag-tiyaga.

Makapagpa-book na po sana ako, please Lord!

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Attention: PLDT DSL Subscribers

I have been internet-less at home for the past week now. I have been having trouble with my internet connection eversince I upgraded it to a faster speed more than a year ago. Although when it is working, I don’t have complaints except lately, I have been having a little trouble downloading.I have called the repair center already. A technician came but since the wire from the phone box to the DSL box and modem passed through my locked room, the technician insisted that my room be opened first for them to check the connection. In short, they did not touch anything nor did they check anything. Our maid was told that they will just call me and come back. Up to now, no PLDT DSL repairman yet.

Now I am fed-up with PLDT. I want my broadband internet cut!

I called 171 (Customer care) yesterday and I was told that I have to surrender the modem, splitter and RJ11 wire to their nearest business center with a valid ID as proof that I am cutting my connection. WHAT??? I HAVE TO DO THE DISCONNECTING LITERALLY???

How would I know what the heck is the splitter or the RJ11 wire? How would I know how to disconnect those things? To top it of, the phone box and wires are located high up outside our house. Shouldn’t they be the ones doing that? The person I was talking to said that it is their procedure since we want our internet connection cut. HUH??? They should have just given us the kit and instructions on how to connect the wires, splitter, etc, when we applied for internet so that we also know how to disconnect it later.

My brother was fuming when he heard this so he called Customer care again earlier and asked for a written letter from PLDT telling us to do the disconnecting ourselves. We just want to make sure that if we make a mistake cutting/removing whatever wire we needed to disconnect, we are assured that PLDT will come and repair our phone line or whatever line we damaged. The letter would also be proof for us if ever we will file a complaint later on. The person my brother talked to was not willing to do so, instead, he said he will send someone to do the disconnecting for us. Let us see…

If you are in the same situation, don’t fall for it. Insist that their qualified techinician do the disconnecting for you. We are paying for their services so it is only right that we get our money’s worth.

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I don’t owe you anything!

Just because fate have given us different paths doesn’t mean that you are more superior than me.

Just because you see me alone doesn’t mean that I am sad.

Just because you feel that your life is complete doesn’t mean that mine isn’t.

Just because I don’t tell you anything doesn’t mean I don’t have a life.

Just because we have been friends since way back doesn’t mean I have to treat you like royalty.

I have tried to be patient but you keep doing it.

I do not owe you anything so stop acting like you own my time!

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Heto na naman kami!

January na naman. As usual, oras na naman ng mga lakaran ng business permit, professional tax, baranggay clearance at kung ano-ano pang mga tax at permit dyan. Mahaba na naman ang pila at siksikan na naman ang mga tao sa mga City Hall. Yung may mga negosyo at mga clinic, alam ko you know what I’m talking about.

I have written a post about this already in my old blog. Last year, I wasn’t spared of the difficulty of getting a business permit for my clinic; same old unreasonable requirements but I just bore it with a shrug. This year though, hindi ko alam kung kaya ko pa din balewalain ito…


Sabi ng assessor dun sa secretary namin na naglalakad ng papers, may medical tourism na daw kasi kaya may Tourism Fee na din. Wala ito last year at sabi nga ng assessor ay this year lang daw ito inumpisahan.

Medical tourism is the act of traveling to other countries to obtain medical, dental, and surgical care.”

Philippine Medical Tourism

“…. services typically include elective procedures as well as complex specialized surgery such as joint replacement (knee/hip) cardiac surgery, dental surgery and cosmetic surgeries”


Teka lang, the last time I looked, Pediatrics ang nakalagay sa Diploma ko at hindi surgery. Wala din akong accreditation from any international healthcare accreditation body. Hindi din tourist destination iyong location ng clinic ko at malabong maging tourist destination. Napakaliit din ng clinic ko para mag-accomodate ng mga turista na pwedeng pumunta.

Kung meron lang makakapagpaliwanag sa akin kung saan nanggaling at para saan itong Tourism Fee, maaari ko sigurong pag-isipan kung magbabayad ba ako o hindi ng Php 1,000. As it is, walang maayos na paliwanag tungkol sa fee na ito. Malaki-laki ang binabayaran ko palagi sa mga permits kasi may baranggay clearance, garbage tax, fire clearance, etc., at maski iyong paglalagay ng karatula ng clinic may bayad din. Para sa akin unreasonable at inappropriate itong sinisingil na ito sa akin kasi hindi naman ako involved sa medical tourism kaya siguro hindi ako dapat magbayad nito.

Nagtatanong lang naman po ako…


Nagbabasa kaya ng blog ko ang mga taga City Hall? Nagtanong kasi ulit kanina iyong secretary namin kung para saan iyong Tourism fee… SURPRISE!!! Tinanggal daw nung assessor yung Php1,000. Mabuti naman! Kaya lang, ang laki pa rin talaga ng babayaran ko this year.

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Text voting – not fair

I am not really fond of watching reality shows. To me, the things we see on TV are just part of a script. Maybe not everything, at least most of it. Let’s face it, this is a business. The law of suppy and demand. What the viewers want, the viewers get. I think text voting is also biased. Biased to those who have the money and the pretty face.

I have been watching Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) for several weeks now, not because I wanted to but because I had to. Being the good ate, I started watching PDA for my favorite cousin who is so hooked to the show and who is now in Malaysia for a month. She begged me to update her on the happenings in the show so I had to watch it to be able to text her updates and I did, almost everyday. It is so heartbreaking to watch scholars (what the contestants are called) who are so desrving get expelled from the academy because they did not get enough text votes from viewers. Viewers of course vote for the pretty and handsome contestants. Rich scholars also have the advantage over the poorer deserving ones. What the network is saying is that the viewers are the ones who will support the scholars when they get out of the academy so the viewers should choose who should win. In a way, they have a valid point. But to vote for a scholar who sings with a lot of flats or someone who doesn’t seem to “connect” with her audience? This has been a problem in other reality singing contests too. In Philippine Idol (Pinoy version of the American Idol), critics were also outraged with how the public voted for some contestants calling the show a “popularity contest rather than a singing contest”. I think the fairer way to do it is to get 50% of the text votes, 25% of the judges’ votes and 25% of the teachers’ vote (in the case of PDA). However, I still think that to come up with a deserving winner, people should vote intelligently.

I would prefer listening to a plain looking but versatile performer rather than listen to a looker who is noise pollution masquerading as a singer. But then, that is just me.

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Here temporarily?

The past few weeks, haven’t been very reliable. There have been lots of down times and even if there weren’t any, I have been having a hard time uploading posts/pictures. For a couple of weeks, I have been seriously considering my transfer to another blogging platform but I was busy. Blogger is again down at the moment and my blog looks weird (recent posts are in bold, older posts are not) so I got fed up.

Although I can’t tweek my template to the way I want it to be, this is okay for now. I don’t know if this will be permanent. For the meantime, this will be my home.

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