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Saan ako nung Valentine’s Day?

Juris & Chin of MYMP


Opo, nanood po ako ng concert ng MYMP nung Feb. 15. Bukod sa Side A, ang MYMP ang pinaka-gusto kong banda. Lahat ng albums nila meron ako. Hindi lang kasi sila magaling kumanta, magaling din sila magsulat ng kanta.

Bago pa kayo magtanong kung sino ang kasama ko… kasama ko po yung dalawang close friends ko sa medical school. Minsan lang kasi kami magkita kaya naisip namin na kami na lang ang mag-date sa Valentine’s day. 😀

Maganda yung concert. Nag-enjoy kami at na-in love. Sana maulit muli…


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Para sa mga kaibigan kong CHINESE at para na din sa inyong mapapadaan:






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Linking Pinoys Around the World Through Blogging

The above tagline familiar to you? If yes, then you’ll be glad to know that pinoyatbp is back! 

This is a better version of the old pinoyatbp because it allows more participation from our readers with the Post Your Pictures Section and the be a Guest Blogger feature. A Learn A Language Section was also added for those of you who are interested in learning a new language. Pang international talaga ang Pinoy di ba? There is still the Ask Our Lawyer Section where you can ask our resident lawyer legal advice for free. Of course the Tips for You and Me, Try This Recipe and Places To Go Sections are still there. We also have some new writers posting with the us.

Please do visit the site and join the pinoyatbp community. We would appreciate it if you could leave us a message in our tag board too.

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Victory for Pacquiao

Life here in the Philippines literally stopped for several hours today because everyone was glued to their television sets watching the Pacquiao-Morales fight. Our once busy street was suddenly quiet, not one vehicle passing by. Our friendly neighborhood store took the opportunity to earn extra money by subscribing to a pay-per-view showing. For only Php 100.00, viewers are assured of the best seats in the house and a chance to watch the fight live.

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There was no doubt that Pacquiao is the better fighter. After seeing how Morales looked a few days before, I knew he wouldn’t last through the whole fight. He looked malnourished and tense. In the end, even Eric Morales admitted that he was “a beaten man”. This coming from a man who made fun of Manny’s singing, even calling him ugly. Our new hero though remained calm and relaxed refusing to bite Morales’ bait. This I suppose comes with getting psyched up for the fight.

Once again, Manny Pacquiao gave Filipinos a reason to smile today.


On a more personal note…

I have been busy for the last few weeks and I don’t think things will ease up for the coming weeks. I am helping my Papa with some of his paperworks and although I am often not sure of what I am doing, seeing that my father is pleased that I am (finally) getting more involved in his work is reward enough for me.

I have been writing a lot of personal stuff for the past weeks but everytime I sit down infront of the computer, I just couldn’t bring  myself to share them. I have discovered that although the blogging world is a virtual world, it is still inhabited by breathing, feeling and thinking people with different quirks and personalities. And that virtual world as it is, it is not very much different from the real world.


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At First Sight

Thanks to my blogger friend Patrice who was thoughtful and kind enough to volunteer to look for the book and send it to me (arriving only the other day after more than a month in the mail), I am now the proud owner of Nicholas Sparks’ …

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I have finished reading the book already. Nicholas Sparks once again squeezed my lacrimal ducts. It is a “relationship book”, the plot is happenning everyday to ordinary people’s lives. There were a couple of times when I thought I have reached to book’s climax, only to be suprised by another twist in the next chapter. Although I was a bit bored by the book in the beginning, the ending more than made up for it.

This book is worth a read. Another best seller from Nicholas Sparks! I can’t wait for his next book.


Thanks Patrice! I hope I can repay the favor one of these days.

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