Where to go?

I wish I had a ticket to somewhere… anywhere right now. I could really use a change of scenery even just for a while.

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Tricia dropped out of school

I mentioned here that Tricia loves going to school. More than a week ago though, she has dropped out. Well, actually, her parents opted to pull her out of school. The release form said: “I am pulling out my daughter from school because during her 5 week stay in your school, she had 5 injuries – 2 broken lips from a classmate throwing her a wooden block and a fall down the stairs; 2 bites and a hematoma on the face from another fall.”

My brother and his wife chose the school because the facilities are nice and it was just a few minutes away from our office. We were so disappointed because the school had a good reputation and the tuition fee is not really cheap. The admission officer also reassured them that the maximum is only 10 students per class with 1 teacher and 2 teacher assistants; that would mean 3 students per teacher. My niece is not the easiest of kids to look after because she is very active and inquisitive but she is not one to disrupt a class or bully a classmate. Even the teachers said she was well behaved in class. When the first incident (wooden block) happened, we let it go thinking that sometimes it is unavoidable in a group of kids. As the days went by, we learned that my niece’s case is not an isolated one. Everyday, one child gets one form of injury or another almost caused by the same student. The 2nd and the 3rd incidents happened, the teachers reassured us that the kids need time to adjust. We also heard that they have already talked to the parents of the problem student. The 4th incident was allegedly a fall from a table which caused my niece to hit her face on a shoe rack hence the hematoma. If the teachers already saw Tricia climb on top of the table, shouldn’t they have reprimanded her and immediately removed her from there? The head teacher once again reassured my brother that they will be more vigilant. If that was so, why then did the 5th incident happen? Apparently, Tricia was climbing the stairs to their classroom and doesn’t want to hold the teacher’s hand so she tripped and fell down from the stairs. Our house and even my brother’s house are both 3 floors high! Tricia started climbing the stairs with assistance as early as 1 year old. We taught her early on that she should hold on to the railing everytime she goes up or down the stairs precisely to avoid such accidents; so I really am not convinced that it is what really happened. My brother complained to admission about it and the only solution they had was to add another teacher/assistant to the class.

We are not paying our hard earned money the expensive tuition fee of the school just to have my niece returned to us with an injury. My brother and sister-in-law didn’t want to wait anymore before something worse happens to my niece. When my brother went to the school to officially withdraw my niece from them, they weren’t allowed to enter the school premises and had to wait for about 30 minutes for a personnel from admission to fetch them and neither one of the teachers, the guidance counselor or the head of admission talked to my brother. We are really very disappointed because we expected much from the school. A lot of people are telling us to file a case already.

It’s a good thing Tricia is not traumatized by what happened but we have noticed that she’s a little hard-headed now compared to when she wasn’t going to school yet. She’s also biting us now everytime we reprimand her. She already started Toddler class in another school earlier this week. Although going to her new school is a hassle because of the traffic, we are willing to travel there everyday because we pity her, she really missed going to school and would always tell mommy and daddy that she wants to play with friends (what she calls her classmates). We are also hoping that she forgets the bad attitudes she picked up from the other school. So far, everything is looking good.

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Please spread this!

I saw this in the news last night. I know how the family must feel. Two weeks ago, we thought we also lost Tricia. My body was shaking with fear. We were frantically looking for her everywhere only to find out later that she went out with my mom. How much more the family of this little boy?


I hope they find him soon. Let us pray for the little boy, his family and the ones who abducted him.


They already found the boy! Thank you Lord!
**Thanks PAT for the link!

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Art work anyone?

Can you guess what this is made of?

Ang galing noh?

* Art work by T. Ruiz (UP)

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I don’t owe you anything!

Just because fate have given us different paths doesn’t mean that you are more superior than me.

Just because you see me alone doesn’t mean that I am sad.

Just because you feel that your life is complete doesn’t mean that mine isn’t.

Just because I don’t tell you anything doesn’t mean I don’t have a life.

Just because we have been friends since way back doesn’t mean I have to treat you like royalty.

I have tried to be patient but you keep doing it.

I do not owe you anything so stop acting like you own my time!

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Tricia loves school

Our little girl Tricia started school last Wednesday and she is sooo loving it! She is enrolled in Toddler Class. On her first day of class, her Mommy and Daddy accompanied her all the way to her class. They said that as soon as she entered their room, she was already jumping and went ahead to play in the play area unmindful of her classmates crying around her. After kissing her goodbye, they stayed for another 10 minutes just to see if she will look for them but she was busy playing and would not even look at them when they called her to say they were leaving. Two hours later, our little girl came to the gate wearing a different set of clothes and was playing with her teacher when Mommy and Daddy went to pick her up. Her teacher said she was very well behaved throughout the 2 hour class. She was so tired that she immediately fell asleep in the car on their way home.

What she learned in school: saying “Hello” and shaking hands while asking “What’s your name?”

On her second day in class, I went with her Mommy and Daddy. Just like the previous day, her Mommy and I accompanied her inside the classroom. As soon as she saw her room, she was screaming and jumping excitedly and after waving goodbye to us she went ahead to the play area. We also observed her for another 10 minutes and tried to take some pictures but she wouldn’t even look at us and kept on playing with her classmates. While waiting for her class to end, we had a chance to talk to two of her classmates’ moms who were very anxious because their kids were both crying (although parents are not allowed to stay inside the school premises, they found a way to remain inside without being caught); the moms told us that they envy us because little Tricia is so well behaved inside the classroom despite seeing most of her classmates crying. She didn’t fall asleep on the way home this time but she was so hungry that she asked Mommy for cookies and water. Mommy checked her bag and saw that her pack of cookies, another pack of Sumo biscuits and her chocolate drink were all gone. Did she it it all or perhaps gave some to her classmates?

What she learned in school: washing her hands with soap and water then drying her hands with a towel after using the bathroom

This morning, I again went with her Mommy to school. My sister-in-law didn’t accompany Tricia to their classroom anymore, instead, she waited just outside the school gate while I parked the car. The teachers were stricter today because unlike the previous 2 days, they did not allow anyone to stay with the kids anymore even if they cried out for them. The two moms from the previous days still found a way to sneak back in (via another gate) and looked in on their kids who were once again both crying. My SIL asked about Tricia and we were told that she was again very well behaved, just listening to their teacher or playing with the other kids. She descended from her classroom holding one of her teacher’s hand and smiled when she saw us. Her socks had blue paint spots while her black shoes had some red paint so we guessed they must have done some painting today. Inside the car, she was singing and chattering.

What she learned in school: the word “itchy” and scratching her forehead while saying it.

While we were getting ready to leave our office and go to the mall earlier, she put on her socks (although a little bit twisted) and shoes by her self. After eating dinner at the mall, she said “I love you” to Daddy, kissed him and told him she wants to go to school. We explained to her that school won’t be until Monday. 😀 I just hope she will have the same enthusiasm in going to school until it’s time for her to leave school as a college graduate.

We’re amazed at how much she has grown. She’s very independent, well adjusted and already has a mind of her own. I wanted her to try a black sleeveless blouse with some pink flowers printed on it but she vehemently shook her head and said “ayaw! pangit! pangit!”. Pretty soon, she will no longer need us as much as she does now. Before we know it, young boys will soon be knocking on their door (one the little boys in her class hugged and kissed her on the first day of school!!). Oh!!! I am so dreading that day!

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Really sad

I am not really a die-hard fan nor am I a relative but having been exposed countless of times to the frustration and heartbreak of seeing someone you love so dearly go through the pain of an illness, I can empathize with Lorna Tolentino, her kids and all their friends. I really salute the families who have survived such trial. Lorna is so courageous. I am not sure I can be as courageous as she is if I were in the same situation.

The passing away of one of the most loved stars in the Philippine movie industry just shows us that the stars that we idolize are humans too. They go through sickness and death like us ordinary people. The only thing different is that they appear infront of us like everything is peachy even if they feel like throwing up. That takes courage so we should pray more for them like we would for a friend who is going through the same thing.

He and his family are all in my prayers. He’s in a better place now, free from all his worldly pains.


Let us all give our love ones an extra hug everyday. God bless everyone!

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Midlife Crisis?



Last week, I had a date with my new younger friend. We met at the mall, just window shopped then had pizza. She’s a beautiful and smart girl but our other friends call her autistic because sometimes, she seems to go to her own world, oblivious of the people she’s with. Maybe because she’s an only child and lost her mom at 13. She is so interested in life and quite mature for her age. We talked about so many things and got to know each other quite well in just over 2 hours or so at Pizza Hut. Out of the blue, she asked me, “Are you going thru a midlife crisis?” For a minute there, I had to put my fork down and pause for a moment. I told her no, I am not. A week after, I am not so sure anymore.

Sometimes I envy my friends who can go gallivanting around the entire Philippines with all their friends while I just want to stay home with my family. Sometimes I get so upset when people only think of themselves and to hell with others. There are times when I get furious with the government for all the red tape we have to go through. I get nostalgic sometimes and wish that I be in another place, another time. There are times that I get depressed because something didn’t go the way I wanted it to be.

My little niece (who’s not so little anymore) then comes to me and says “Mama, puter!” (Translated as: I want to play on the internet) while my Papa asks me to text Tito Luis to confirm our lunch date. Opening my inbox, I get an email from my Lola saying she just sent me several Danielle Steele books and another message from someone in my distant past. Earlier, I had one of the greatest nights of my life with three good friends.

Am I in a midlife crisis? The answer is NO because I am just TOO BLESSED to be stressed!

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Time Machine

Kung may time machine ako, babalikan ko ang aking PAGKABATA kung kailan:

nasasaktan lamang ako kapag nadadapa tuwing nakikipaglaro

kumakain ako hangga’t gusto ko

masaya na ako sa isang plastik na luto-lutuan

namamasyal ako kasama ng buong pamilya ko

hindi ko kailangang intindihin ang pagbabayag ng credit card

hindi ako nag-aalala sa aking pasyente

hindi ko kailangang magdesisyon kung saan ba ako dapat

Babalalik ako sa aking pagkabata kung kailan hindi kailangang isipin kung ano ang tama at mali.

Babalik ako sa aking pagkabata kung kailan hindi kumplikado ang buhay.

Kung may time machine ako, lilipad ako dun sa panahong alam ko na ang lahat ng sagot sa aking mga katanungan.

Babalik ako dun sa panahong masasabi kong “Ah, a job well done, a life well lived!”

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Look what I found!

I read somewhere once that if you want to make your LIFE clutter free, start with your closet. Remove clothes, bags, shoes, etc. that you do not want to use or haven’t used in months then organize what is left in that closet. New Year’s Day 2006, I woke up early, armed myself with several garbage bags and started organizing my closet in the hope that the “clutter” in my life will become organized too.

Was I successful? Closet wise, yes, sort of. At the moment, my closet is not as cluttered as it used to be but I have to try harder in keeping things organized. What I am finding especially hard is keeping all my pairs of shoes in order. Imagine my happiness when I saw this at the mall yesterday.

Isn’t it nice? It’s a plastic, transparent shoe box that I can easily stack and wipe clean. Now all my pairs of shoes are protected against dust and I won’t have a hard time looking for the shoes that I want to wear. It’s a plus too that you can place two slip ons/sandals in one box. I already bought ten of this but I still need a couple more. Did you notice the orange sticker? Yes, it is on sale (Php 50.00 each)!

Whoever thought of this, thank you!

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